The Duke Office of the Ombuds offers impartial and confidential support on a variety of issues. In accordance with the International Ombuds Association’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, the Office of the Ombuds serves as a resource to listen, discuss concerns, and help Duke community members navigate options for resolution of issues related to their work or education. Use of the Office of the Ombuds is voluntary. No one is required to meet with an Ombuds. Those who choose to meet with an Ombuds agree to abide by the Terms of Use and Office of the Ombuds Charter.

Conversations with the Ombuds are informal and off-the-record. The Office of the Ombuds is not authorized to receive notice of claims against the university and cannot receive formal complaints on behalf of Duke.

The Office of the Ombuds provides a range of services that complement but do not replace other offices at Duke.

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