The Duke Ombuds Office offers neutral and confidential guidance on a variety of issues to faculty and students; with the anticipated appointment of a university-wide ombudsperson in Fall 2022, these services will be extended to staff. In accordance with the International Ombuds Association’s standards of practice and code of ethics, the Ombuds Office serves as a resource to listen, discuss concerns, and help Duke community members navigate options for resolution of issues related to their work or education. These services are available at no cost.

The Ombuds Office provides a range of services that are complemented by other offices at Duke.

A national search is currently underway for the first Duke University-wide ombudsperson, with anticipated onboarding in Fall 2022. Non-School of Medicine faculty are currently represented by an interim ombudsperson; School of Medicine Students and Post-doctoral fellows continue to be represented by Dr. Jean Spaulding.